The Wrekin - a pre-wedding shoot location

The Wrekin presents as an ideal location for a pre-wedding shoot especially if you like the outdoors. On a good day, the views are absolutely stunning.

You need to be reasonably fit to tackle the walk but it is majestic and well worth it. And if you like the outdoors, then this is absolutely the place for an engagement/pre-wedding shoot.

There are many beautiful natural backdrops for taking photos, from the top of the Wrekin on clear day with views to the Malverns, to tall trees with the sun peering through in wintertime, creating amazing bokeh.

And whilst we didn’t do a shoot per se, we did take some images that showcase the surroundings and the beauty of the area around the Wrekin.  The kids even saw a Muntjac deer which we decided to just watch rather than try and photograph.

Engagement shoots

Engagements or pre-wedding shoots are relatively recent in the history of weddings. They can be considered an additional expense but they can also be memorable and taken at a location that holds special meaning to a couple.

They could easily be set up in a studio type environment but the whole point of the shoot is the backdrop. It could be a stately home, or your favourite park or somewhere like The Wrekin. The backdrops make all the difference but should also show you in your most comfortable surroundings - creating meaning.

All 3 of the images below were taken within an hour and depending on the part of the walk, the light varies drastically. Being the middle of autumn, the sun is low and trees are tall, so rays coming through the trees create great effect. We were very lucky in that we picked a clear autumn day to go walking.

I personally love the outdoors (Bella has a lot to do with that). And I prefer to take Bella with me when I am in the outdoors - I think she gets far more out of it (through her nose!), than I do with my eyes :-). She had a ball at The Wrekin, going off into nooks here and there and no doubt eating things she wasn't supposed to!

For me, it's an area I want to explore and become more familiar with, in the different seasons.

If you're thinking of an engagement or pre-wedding shoot and really don't know where you'd like it to take place, think about what appeal to you - countryside, stately homes, local park, water, the beach, local coffee house, for example. Your photographer should be able to suggest locations that suit you and your preferences.