Happy days.  Lifelong memories.  Rain or shine, the day is always fun and memorable.  Weddings hold a special place in our hearts – they signify hope and happiness.  The promise of an adventure starting to unfold.

Whether you like vibrant and colourful, or mellow and romantic, moody and contrasty, through to creative or cheeky, there is a wedding photographer out there for you.

Wolverhampton wedding photography, Couple photo outside church by lake
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Editorial and Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Capturing Memories

Regardless of whether you spend a small fortune or decide to do everything on a budget, the photography aspect will be the one that captures the moods and emotions of the day.

We focus on what your preferences are, which is also determined by location and venue. We work with you and work hard to ensure you get the best possible images on the day.

engagement ring on rose

Wedding details

Capturing details of the day such as the flowers and the wedding invites, is so important.  You’ve spent the time and money to ensure everything is as perfect as can be, and details do make all the difference.

The hair and make-up, the beautifully crafted wedding cake, the wedding favours and the luxury stationery to name a few items. Everything is visually recorded and you can look back, and even find details you may have missed on the day.

I personally love flowers! Floral arrangements for your wedding day can make all the difference. How the colours complement your outfit and the decor really adds to entire event. Not everyone pays the attention to the flowers, may be because we see them everyday but they can really lift the day. There are so many choices available too, from fresh to dried, to artificial flowers.

You want to look back at your photos and remember how you felt at that moment.

Interfaith and multi-cultural weddings

Living in a diverse culturally rich part of the UK, we are experiencing a melting pot of cultures and traditions coming together. There may be more than one wedding ceremony. There are customs within ceremonies. Families have their own traditions that they want observed. And it is my job to understand and capture these moments that mean so much to the couple and their respective families.

Wedding photography isn't just about a series of images captured on a specific day (albeit technically that is exactly what it is!). It is about story-telling and using emotions to tell that story.

Within indian wedding photography, different faiths are coming together more and more. And each faith has its specific customs.

"Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like."

—David Alan Harvey