What is a photobooth?

A photo booth is a specific backdrop or kiosk (booth) which takes your photo without the presence of a photographer at an event.  Just like you see on the high street when you may want a passport photo for example.  It’s like taking a selfie without holding the smartphone!  But it can also print the photo for you as soon as it has been taken.

Example of a photobooth with a specific backdrop – https://directorscutphotobooth.co.uk

Why hire a photo booth?

Photobooths can be great for get-togethers, birthdays, weddings and corporate events to name a few.  It’s an opportunity for friends and family to enjoy being together, make faces for the camera, wear props if available and generally just a fun activity for a party.  Because photos can be printed immediately, you have a keepsake that you can take home with you and pin on the fridge!

Can I use a photo booth instead of a wedding photographer?

This is entirely up to you.  A photobooth is not a replacement for a professional photographer (bit I am biased).  Let me explain.  Photobooths are fun and great for snapshots.  And if that’s what you want for your wedding and nothing else, then go for it.  If you would like to have portraits with your loved ones however, a wedding photographer is the only way to go.  The photographer will direct you and based on the style of photography, you will end up with images that have been edited with the option to have a photo album that the photographer can also provide.  It’s a very different experience.

I don’t believe that photo booths compete with wedding photographers, as they serve a different purpose, but for some, it may be the way to go if a photo record of the event is not required.

The best time for a photo booth is the reception.  Guests that are invited to the evening reception but not the wedding breakfast – it is an ideal opportunity to capture snaps.

How much does a photo booth cost to hire?

Photo booths vary in cost depending on what you would like and tend to be hired based on an hourly rate, with 3 hours being the standard.  They can start for as little as £250 per 3 hours but the more functional the booth, the more expensive it becomes.

Photobooths are fun items that keeps guests entertained and provide an alternative to selfies at a reasonable cost.  If there are props available, guests can use them to entertain themselves as well as the hosts, when they are printed!