Should you or shouldn't you?

Something that has become more popular over the last few years, is the engagement or pre-wedding shoot. Whilst it looks good having images of you and your beloved on a screen during the reception, what are the benefits of such a shoot? As with everything, there are benefits and disadvantages.

Let do the dis-advantages first:

  • It adds to your budget
  • If shooting outside, then the weather may be temperamental
  • Do you really need the additional images?

And the advantages:

  • You get to know your photographer, which is actually really important. Your photographer will direct you on your wedding day where photos are concerned. You want to feel comfortable in their company and building rapport prior to event really does help.
  • Learn different poses. Unless you're a fashion model with experience, it can be hard to look relaxed in front of the camera and the shots can look awkward. As a photographer, it is my job to help you relax but it helps if I know you a little better and can teach you some of the basics of how to pose for shots before the wedding. You can practice these during the shoot and it will also help you to relax. End result - better wedding imagery!
  • It's simple. You can wear whatever you find comfortable, you can include your four legged friends if you choose. And if you're generally not keen on having your photo taken, then this is an ideal opportunity address that anxiety.
  • It doesn't last long - may be a couple of hours at most.

Naturally, for me, the advantages far out-weigh the dis-advantages. Yes, photographers will charge for this service but the genuine aim is to prepare for a super successful wedding day full of great imagery that you can look back at in years to come.